Venice Goddess Temple

The Goddess is alive in the world, visible for all to see in the forms of the sacred landscape.


Who We Are

We are a group of women, members of the Association of Social Promotion Argiope, who decided to share their spiritual path. Startinf from the mythology of Avalon we embarked on a journey of discovery and rediscovery of Godesses of these Lands of Veneto. Under the guidance of the Priestess of Avalon Anna Bordin, former president of Argiope and now president in charge of the Union of Neopagan community, we have made this Study Group called Dee Oltre Le Nebbie (Goddesses Beyond the Mists). Many of us have had a chance to go to Glastonbury in the UK and live the experience of the Goddess Temple that there is a reality for many years.

Our Vision

The experience of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple  made clear the need to have a space dedicated to the Goddess, where to celebrate our connection to Her in all its forms. Our vision is the creation of a sacred space in the metropolitan area of ​​Venice. It will be a changing space, specially prepared for the discovery and celebration of the Divine Feminine. The Temple of the Goddess of Venice will be a place open to all who want to get involved, where we can honor Her in ways that are both old and new, in shared and reciprocal communion.

The principles on which we rely are those of the Priestesses of Avalon of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple that we made ours:

We believe in the Great Goddess, and that is One and Multi-faceted, that is immanent and transcendent, personal and impersonal, constant and changing, local and universal, within and with out of all creation, which manifests itself through the cycle of the seasons and the Wheel of the Year.

We believe that the Goddess manifests Herself and communicates through all nature and the sacred land, through visions and dreams, sense and experience, imagination, ceremony and prayer. We believe that no writing could ever fully understand.

As Goddess People, we believe in the Goddess, which is Lady of Venice, which expresses itself through the landscape, mythology and culture of this sacred land.

How to contribute

The Venice Goddess Temple will open through generous donations of energy, time and money from many people.To contribute to the project you can make a one time donation to our fund for the creation of the Temple, become a “Mare” del Tempio (Temple Mother/Father) or become a “Nessa” (Temple assistant that gives time and energy to run the temple, as soon as we’ll open).

We ask everyone who supports the vision of the Temple to become a “Mare” (Mother) of the Venice Goddess Temple. As a Mare you will receive regular newsletters about all we’ll do in the Temple and the possibility to use the space at a special price. Please support the Venice Goddess Temple by making monthly standing order donations, small (minimum €5 per month) or large, which will allow us to reach the starting budget and will cover regular costs of rent, heat, light, etc, and to build capital towards a future purpose-built Goddess Temple.

To Become a “Mare” of the Goddess Temple You can make a annual contribution of €50 (£35,$60) per person, or make a monthly standing order or direct debit payment of a minimum of €5.00 to:

Anna Bordin
IBAN: IT84 J076 0105 1382 9218 9192 193

We are also happy to accept single donations, small or large. You can use the buttons below to help right away!
A very special thanks to the Glastonbury Goddess Temple People and Website for providing support and the right words in english.

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