Imbolc 2015 -The Time of Innocence


In the Time of Imbolc, in the Avalonian Path we celebrate Nolava as Maiden. And consequently, we search for our inner Maiden, one who seeks the wisdom and is free to explore the world around in her complete innocence.

During a workshop with Katinka, last weekend it’s been asked what it means innocence to each one of us.

I went to see what it said my beloved Treccani Dictionary (that my mom taught me to be a good source of information) and the definition I found was

s innocence. f. [From lat. innocentia, der. innocens -entis of “innocent”]. –


a. Absolute lack of guilt or responsibility, moral or legal, in an individual, for the conscious will of righteousness and respect for justice and moral norms: the peace of mind that only the. can give. In Catholic theology, the state of the soul free from sin: i. original, the one person who has been created, or was born without sin (Adam and Eve, the Virgin, Christ as man); i. baptismal, that acquired for the sacramental action of baptism.

b. Lack of guilt or responsibility in respect of a specific crime or debit: the testimonies confirmed the i. of the accused; say, protest, shout, to prove their innocence.


a. Ignorance of evil, and therefore inability to understand it and to perpetrate, mostly his own age child: you must not disturb the. children; retained into adulthood the i. youth; with eyes, with an expression of i., of candor. Sometimes with a sense concr., To indicate the person or persons mood innocent protect the i .; having regard to the i .; not scandalized the i .; or the state itself of innocence: it was the. personified; seems the i. same, even iron., the person who flaunts ingenuity, simplicity; frequent expressions exclamatory blessed i.!, the holy. !, About children who innocently repeated words and phrases unsuitable for their age, or, ironicam., Of adults that show or pretend naive that now should have lost.

b. Lack of malice, of any ulterior or interest I had asked the question with all i .; and referred to the very words, deeds, behavior: I do not think the i. of its proposal.

This definition has made me reflect on how extensive is the concept of innocence and how many things of our common life may have innocent aspects.

The innocence for me it is something related to freedom of expression for what I am, without fear of being judged by others. When we can be ourselves in the company of other people, we can give space to our desire to learn and to share what we know already. The fact that we adapt to the schemes of the society, in my opinion, makes this ability to express ourselves and trap it in situations often unwanted.

I’ve always been a very “physical”, I love to hug and touch people (not for nothing I’m a physiotherapist) and often my search for contact, is only another way to interact with others, without the need of words. Sometimes it happened to me that people are upset by my touch because this was interpreted as an “avance” or a “improper” contact, but often it was only dictated by pure will to know “my way” the others.

In recent years I realized how we lost the ability to read innocence in physical contact between two people, as forcedly we think there is a second meaning. This whole day was declared the day against violence against women (but I prefer to call it gender violence, because even if it is less knowns Men also suffer violence) by the movement One Billion Rising. How much of this violence unfortunately depart from innocent gestures?

Time ago I was listening, terrified, to the story of a friend who described me of when she was raped by a colleague. More and more I listened to my heart froze feeling of how it was misunderstood in her behavior and “betrayed” by people who had said they would take care of her.

How can we say to our younger sisters, but also not so young, who must always try to be authentic and express themselves freely, if there are countless examples of how a free woman is still seen as someone to subjugate and humiliate not accepting a NO as response?

I would like to find a way to reclaim the innocence of gestures and touch between two people, that at least until proven otherwise, do not have to have ulterior motives that the pleasure of touching itself. Will I make it?