Interview to Kathy Jones

My interview to Kathy Jones.

Held for the program “Il Giradino di Minerva” on Pagan Channel Italia,  10th April 2013.


Priestessing around….

A few pics over the last years of my path as Priestess… all of them belongs to the owner, thank you all!

What does mean for me to be a Priestess of Avalon

Priestess of Avalon has always been a title that,since I heard it for the first time 16 years ago, has awakened something in my memory a part of me that was dormant in this life. Priestess of Avalon, now, when I say it, is an integral part of my life.

As I wrote many many times during this three years, all is stared in 1996 when a friend of mine from girl guides told me about the Mists of Avalon novel. She said that it was a wonderful fantasy book, but to me it has been the trigger point that unveiled the Sacred Island. I started my quest on finding books and notions on Druids and Priestesses and, finally, in 1999 I found something published in italian about witchcraft. I started my studies and practices, and ceremonies, and I came back to Catholic church in 2001 to decide, after two years of living Catholicism knowing something about the symbology and better understanding the rituals,to come back to the pagan path, that that was my way to meet the Divine. In 2005, for my 25th birthday, one year after my first dedication to the Goddess in a Wiccan way, I discovered Glastonbury is actually a place on this planet, and I decided to visit, to walk on Tor on that exact day. That was the first time I travelled alone. I resist only 3 hour in Glastonbury; after that I had to run away from the power of that place. It was to strong for me. But….. after that I had to come back at least once a year…. and then I discovered the Goddess Temple…. and the training (but I had no chance to do it in 2006)and then the 2009 Goddess Conference.

That was the breaking point, seeing you all and living the energies of the Fire Goddess made me conscious of my needing of commitment with the Lady (which I didn’t know in that moment except for the energies I could feel in Glastonbury). Three years have passed since I made my choice and I asked to be admitted to the Priestesses training. Since when I put at stake to take back this part of my life. It has been long and not without difficulty and has been challenging, full of joy and pain, but all this was worth while to regain the title that I felt so mine.

Being a Priestess of Avalon, when I think about it rationally I think this is strange, since when is needed qualifications or diplomas in order to live the relationship with the Goddess?

But eventually I understood, to be a Priestess of Avalon, is to be a Priestess of my heart, of myself, to be the one who creates the sacred. I have often wondered what was the point of being a Priestess of Avalon since I do not live in Glastonbury, since I can not be in connection day after day with the energy of the Lady there. This third spiral has shown me that I was mistaken, that the energy flow of Avalon lives inside me and, with practice and devotion, I can open the doors of Avalon in my heart and find it wherever I am, because the path of Avalon the path of the heart, is the path that leads to home and the road that leads to deal with yourself. When I finished the second spiral I felt strong and with a clearly defined role, full of projects, ideas on how to bring the goddess, awaken in my own land, but when during my Practice I improved my relationship with the energies of the sacred island and Nolava, this has turned into me, dealing with other shadows and other lights to test my dedication and devotion and the belief that this is actually my way. How many times this year have I doubted, how often have I been ready to give up and every time something happened that help me stay on the path that made me relive the energies of Avalon, the strength and centering that daily contact with Nolava gives me. During this year I never felt the need to share my journey with others because unlike the second spiral this was a path inside of myself and, when I brought the Goddess to others, has always been because of my call to service, because others were asking me to be a channel and let them meet the energy and the face of the Goddess.

Being a Priestess of Avalon is to live life to the fullest, be the change, be able to transform moments of this life into magical moments, moments beyond the mist, where the masks and veils fall and only our bright heart is the companion we have along the way.

Being a Priestess of Avalon is, finally, being totally myself, free, strong, capable, responsible, joyful, committed, trustworthy, ready to open the Mist for all who seek to return home.

Blessed be


Litha 2012